Heartstrings (Natarani and Sasha)  Love Weddings

We love to play music for weddings because we believe in what they are all about. We have been married now for more than 12 years and feel that marriage is our spiritual journey. SEE VIDEO

Completed our vows to each other with the words “through you I will honour all women…though you I will honour all men” and now that we have two beautiful children we can say that through our marriage we also honour all children, all extended families and all people on earth through our caring, compassion an communication with one another. The more difficult the challenges we’ve had to face the deeper the love and trust between us has grown.

We, ‘Heartstrings’, feel truly blessed to play music for every wedding that we are invited to be a part of. We feel our own vows strengthened and in return we joyfully offer an element to your wedding that is transcendent of the struggles of every day life through music; that weaves us all together in harmony – family and friends past, present and future.

The Planning Stage

When you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding we invite you to come to our home in Titirangi (or connect with us on Skype) so we can get to know you and hear about your favourite kinds of music. We are attentive to your every wish so we can do our best to help bring them to life.

We can play acoustic (unplugged) or with a high quality sound amplifier that can run off a battery in case we are at the beach or in a garden where there is no power source.

We can provide a microphone for you the wedding couple and the wedding celebrant to share so that everyone present can hear the spoken words of the ceremony which are often hard to project especially when the wedding is out-doors.

Enchanting Atmosphere

Our goal is to create an enchanting atmosphere with our music that draws people in to the spirit of the occation. Classical music is a wonderful way to wecome guests to the wedding site with it’s quality of joyfulness and refinement invoking quiet anticipation for the special ceremony that is about to take place. We like to begin playing half and hour or more before the ceremony as guests arrive.

Recording Your Music

We know how personal each wedding is to each couple and how important it is in the future to keep the memory of your big day alive. We have a high quality digital recording device we can use to capture the music we play on the day and make you a C.D. or MP3. This can be particularly useful for the video-camera person to use as they may be too far away from the source of the music to get a good quality live sound-track. Imagine playing the C.D. of the actual music as it was played on your wedding day while you have a romantic candel-lit dinner years in the future.

The Bridal Entrance

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for and music leads the way. The choice of song or the piece of music is entirely up to you, the Bride and we want to play what makes you feel relaxed and uplifted.

You may have your own special love song you’d like us to learn or you may want to listen to us to play a selection of our best pieces when you come and visit us and choose from those:

  • The bridal entrance
  • Signing of the register
  • Grand finale
  • Your entrance as a married couple to the wedding reception afterwards.

The arrangement of your own special love song can be purely an instrumental with cello playing the melody line and classical guitar holding the harmony and rhythm or it can include the lyrics with one or both of us singing if it is a pop song or one of Sasha’s original songs written especially for you. We have friends we can colaberate with who are professional classical or Jazz singers those genres.

The Reception

There is often an hour or two for guests to wait while the wedding couple are having photos taken and we like to keep the celebratory energy high by playing lively Latin-American, Firery Spaish, toe tapping Celtic and Jazzy music. The Newly Weds may delight in being welcomed to their table of honour with another special piece of their choice and a standing avation. During dinner we often play romantic Italian loves songs, walzes from around the world, Spanish and Latin tango music and popular arrangements of ‘The Beatles’ and other well known songs like ‘What a Wonderful World’ made famous by Louis Armstrong.